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"Hello and Happy Thanksgiving Susanne! Ziggy and Tykoon hold an important part of my heart! S and R surprised us with an amazing gift this Thankful weekend, to help celebrate the love G and I hold for two animals who gave us so much joy in return!! Details in your work, reminds us of wonderful moments shared with the two beauties now hanging on our wall! Ziggy’s uneven hair cut, anticipation look in his eye, Ty’s soft eye, club foot and beautiful bridle are the easiest details to see you have captured amazingly! Thank you. We love, love, love your work!!!"
B&G, Ottawa, ON - 9 Oct 2023 - 20 Oct 2023
Susanne you captured our dog “Bear” so beautifully. Losing him was so hard but seeing his portrait every day makes my heart happy. You’ve depicted his personality and character perfectly. This painting, like our little Bear, will have a special place in my heart. Thank you for the skill and care you put into our painting.
Robyn Foster - 6 Jun 2023
" Susanne, This painting beautifully combines your nephew Matteo, a fish, and a dog. They come together, creating a heartwarming scene. Your skillful brushwork and choice of colors captures the innocence and playfulness of this delightful trio."
WR, Austin Texas - 24 May 2023
Lucy “Thank to so much. I love it and you captured her gentle soul, especially the eyes, to perfection. I can’t thank you enough.”
MA and family, Nanaimo BC - 24 May 2023
“Spike has decided that my work-related zoom calls require his presence so that means jumping on my lap and licking my face. Our mayor and council plus a number of ministers in our government plus business owners have had the pleasure of seeing this. My co-workers seem to like it.”
JT, Nanaimo BC - 24 May 2023
“Yesterday we lost our beautiful, loyal companion Holly. We will miss looking into her almost human like eyes, her happy greeting each time we arrive home, her stomping of her feet when demanding a treat, her continual knocking on the door to be let in or out, her gentle nudge for a stroke on the head, her unconditional love. RIP Holly.” “Thank you so much Susanne. You did such an amazing job of capturing our beloved dog. Your work is truly amazing and means so much to us. Thank you so much D and G! Your generosity and foresight are still bringing tears to my eyes.”
A & M, Pickering, Ontario - 24 May 2023
Copper "Well we’re all sobbing - Susanne, it’s perfect, that is our absolute favourite photo of him ever as well. Thank you SO very much! "
K&R, Campbell River, BC - 24 May 2023
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