Susanne Andrey Fine Art
Original Art made with love
15 Nov 2022 - 27 Nov 2022 FCA "Water Exhibition" 2022 Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: on-line and FCA Vancouver Gallery
Water is one of the most elusive, yet compelling subjects that artists love to capture.
From oceans to puddles, dewdrops to rapids, this exhibition takes water - and elevates it. Water is vital for all forms of life, and acts as the centerpiece of this exquisite exhibition!

Checkout the on-line show.

Or The virtual gallery for this exhibition is available for viewing. It's a great way to see art work in situ and visit the exhibition if you're living outside of Vancouver.

Checkout the Virtual Gallery (Water is at the top of the page)

Or be sure to visit the Federation Gallery from November 15th - 27th to enjoy the visual celebration of water! Featured artwork image by Gloria Gelo @gloriagelo